Warehouse and handling

Bulk Technology

CLBT is specialized in Bulk Technology with bulk storage in containers as an alternative to the traditional silos technology.
Bulk Technology, due to low investments and reduced maintenance costs, allows a high flexibility in the management of variable quantity of goods.
Capacity is unlimited and adaptable for any quantities of product. The product is always tracked and batches are always identifiable. Contaminations risks are minimized to each single unit.

  • Indoor and outdoor packed goods storage
  • Bulk storage in 30’ container of 56 cubic meters capacity


  • Packed Goods loading and unloading
    • Forklifts
    • Fixed and movable platforms for loading/unloading
    • Handling operations for every packaging type
  • Bulk Goods loading and unloading
    • Unloading from silotruck to container
    • Unloading / decanting from container to silotruck
    • Automatic unloading / decanting facilities with rotovalve
    • Tilting platforms for the unloading / decanting of goods by gravity
  • Processing
    • Automatic bag slitting facilities
    • Packaging and reconditioning
    • Pallets repackaging
  • Containers and vehicles weighing
    • Weighbridges with 80.000 kg capacity
  • Accessory operations
    • Container setting for bulk loading
    • Equipment removal from container and waste disposal