CLBT is 100% controlled by BERTSCHI AG group.

CLBT is specialized in the management of petrochemicals products logistics.
Every year CLBT manages about 600.000 Tons of polymers and derivatives that need the typical handling and warehousing operations, as well as all the necessary administration and reporting activities, including Customs Management.

List of carried out activities:

  • Packed and bulk loading and unloading
  • Warehouse and storage for Packed goods
  • Storage Bulk goods thanks to Bulk Technology into 30′ boxes


  • Full administrative management including full traceability of the goods
  • Customs Management of the goods with in-house office operations with Qualified and Authorized Personnel


  • Packed transport FTL or LTL
  • Bulk transport with silotruck or container
  • National and International transport from and to all destinations
  • Containers transport from and to all main italian ports
  • Transport by road, by train and by intermodal way


  • Storage Bulk goods thanks to Bulk Technology into 30′ boxes
  • Container interchange and transit point
  • Container storage, including Dangerous goods depot
  • Silotrucks cleaning station